Below is a list of the members of the Indiana County Republican Committee. If you see that your voting precinct is not listed as having a Committee member, and you are interested in being appointed as a member of the Committee from your precinct, please contact us. This list is subject to change.


Name Voting Precinct
Hencel, Paul Armagh
Baran, Barbara Armstrong 2
McCullough, Jeffrey Armstrong 2
Cochran, David Blacklick Township
Cochran, Terri Blacklick Township
Kinter, Margaret Peggy Blairsville 1
Gambol, Frank Blairsville 2
Gambol, Patricia Blairsville 2
Gorman, Robin A. Brush Valley
Blaise Kordell Buffington 2
Woodley, Holly Burrell 1
Woodley, Gilbert Burrell 1
Cornman, Gregory Burrell 2
Adams, Courtney Burrell 2
Predko, Theodore P. Center 1
King, Catherine Center 2
Beltowski, Monica Cherry Tree
Dick, Jerry Cherryhill 1
Daniel, Jesse State Committee
Bieda, Theresa Conemaugh 2
Bieda, Travis Conemaugh 2/State Committeeman
Kawai, Melissa Conemaugh 3
Girolami, Samuel East Wheatfield Township 1
Fry, Karen East Wheatfield Township 1
Sheesley, Robert Keith East Wheatfield Township 2
Dixon, Lani East Wheatfield Township 2
White, Chris Glen Campbell
Montgomery, Thaddeus Glen Campbell
Degenkolb, Cathy A. Grant Township
Degenkolb, Randy Grant Township-Prothonotary
Riva, Patricia Green 2
Riva, Mark Green 2
Syster, Jeffrey G. Green 3
Syster, Lisa Green 3
Baker, Karen Indiana 1
Webb, Henry Indiana 1
Stauffer, Mary Indiana 2/2
Stauffer, Sarah Indiana 2/2
Palmer, Eric Indiana 3/1
Schwartz, Noah Indiana 3/1
Thorell, Richard E. Indiana 3/2
Shively, Luke Indiana 3/4
Bricklemyer, Ross J. Indiana 4
Terihay, Laura Indiana 4
Pyle, Jeff State Rep.
Reed, David State Rep.
White, Don State Senator
Pittman, Mary Ann Montgomery
Pittman, John Montgomery
Alabran, Sandra M. North Mahoning Township
Alabran,Glen L. North Mahoning Township
Blystone, Becky Plumville
Shannon Kimmel Plumville
Keith, Lori Rayne
Keith, Michael Rayne
Shuster, Bill Congressman
Overman, Jerry L. Jr Coroner
Baker, Mike County Commissioner
Dush, Cris State Rep.
Fyock, Robert Sheriff
Ruddock, Rodney County Commissioner
Streams-Warman, Patty Register&Recorder/State Committee woman
McCullough, Kimberly County Treasurer
Thomas, Cheryl Shelocta
Hozak, Bill L. South Mahoing
Hozak, Tammy J. South Mahoing
VanHorn, Greg Washington Township
VanHorn, Kathie J. Washington Township
Duddy, Franklin West Mahoning Township
Duddy,Nancy West Mahoning Township
Reed, Dave White 2/State Rep
Smith, David K. White 2
McCombie, Sally White 3
Jack Nelson White 3
Cupp, James White 3/1
Cupp, Donna White 3/1-County Auditor
Gillette, Sandi White 3/2
Gillette, Jerry White 3/2
Ruddock, Ellen White 4/5
Darr, William M. White 4/5
Strong, Mike Young 3
Schroth, Robert White 6
Schroth, Francine White 6